Compass Executive Director
John Jackson, M. Min, M.R.E

Missionary • Pastor • Professor • Coach • Trainer • Director

John Jackson looking thoughtfully across mountain landscape

John brings a uniquely broad perspective to Short-Term Missions.

Four Continents, Four Decades
He has first-hand experience of missions from multiple angles over many decades, on four continents.

Knowing what makes an STM trip great
This experience has given John and his wife, Penny, the opportunity to accumulate a lifetime of valuable insight into what makes a short-term missions trip great.

  • John Jackson talking to young female trip leader with shovel during service project
  • John Jackson preaching with African interpreter in tent
  • John Jackson smiling with sunglasses while driving left-hand drive van on short-term missions trip in South Africa
  • John Jackson and young man with Jamaica missions trip t-shirt smiling with fishing pond behind them
  • John and Penny Jackson at Compass2819 Ministry Display booth

Knowing how to train others
As Compass' Executive Director, John has led and trained Compass Teams to serve all across the globe, most of them under his personal leadership.

During this time (2012-present), he has kept adding to his store of  STM wisdom the knowledge of what it takes to train Trip Leaders and Teams to make their own trips great.